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Antarctica is a scientific and ecologic treasure that attracts researchers and travellers, captivated by the beauty of its geography. They are also attracted by the climatic characteristics and the richness of the animal kingdom. The most audacious adventurers announce this as starting point to unveil the great mysteries of the white continent. Therefore Antarctica presents itself as a new destination for tourists who wish to enter into the natural beauty of the South Pole.

Antartica from Australia

Antarctica tours from Australia will take you to the most southern tip of South America. From Patagonia, various international companies operate ships that travel to Antarctica. Most of the ships depart from Punta Arenas in Chile, Ushuaia in Argentina and Port Stanley in the Falklands. Some of these ships pass through Valparaiso and Puerto Montt. They visit then islands, scientific bases, glaciers and places of concentration of marine life. Importantly, stops depend on weather conditions and the presence of other vessels, since international agreements set a maximum number of visitors that can disembark annually at each location.

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