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Amazon River Cruises

Ecuador | Peru | Brazil

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Amazon River Cruises

Amazon River Cruises give travellers a unique up close and personal experience on the mighty Amazon River and her tributaries with a greater comfort level than most Jungle lodges.  Cruising is more expensive but provides a more comfortable stay and allows you to explore a larger area of the jungle than you would staying at one location. Ecuador, Brazil and Peru all offer a range of itineraries and ships exploring national parks and reserves, indigenous communities and hidden corners of the Amazon.

Ecuador Amazon Cruises

Ecuador Amazon River Cruises explore the Napo River that winds through the UNESCO listed Yasuni National Park. The park is home to giant otters, pygmy marmosets, pink dolphins, red howlers, parrots, macaws, and more.

Arrival Details: From Quito, take a direct 45 min flight to Coca in the east. Connectivity to the Amazon is easy for those already in the country. 

Brazil Amazon Cruises

Brazil contains more of the Amazon Jungle than any other country, by far. The river here is much wider and stronger than in Peru or Ecuador which have smaller tributaries. Here cruises explore the main Amazon River, the Rio Negro, or both for longer itineraries. In the Anavilhanas National Park, see wildlife ranging from giant anteaters and giant armadillos to margays (also known as tree ocelots) and river dolphins. A major draw here is seeing merging of the brown Amazon and the black Rio Negro.

Arrival Details: Exploring the Amazon in Brazil requires a 4.5 hour flight from Rio or 4 hour flight from Sao Paulo to Manaus in the far north of Brazil. The flight and transit time makes exploring the Amazon in Brazil less attractive than in Peru or Ecuador. This is a great option for travellers exploring Brazil.

Peru Amazon Cruises

In Peru, cruise through the lush Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and search for manatees, pink dolphins, the white lipped, peccary, red faced spider monkey, capybara and many more reptiles, fish and birds. With so much wildlife and fantastic ship options, you can cruise from 4 to 8 days on the Amazon and its subsidiary rivers in this area of Peru.

Arrival Details: From Lima or Cuzco, take a direct 2 hour flight to Iquitos in north east Peru. Connectivity is easy for travellers already visiting Peru.

Amazon River Cruises

Choose from 3 to 8 day Amazon River Cruise itineraries listed below or to explore the range of ships available as, see our Amazon Ships page.