From the engaging Argentinean city of Buenos Aires to the amazing glaciers of Patagonia and then the majestic Iguazu falls, this country has a lot to offer! And for a ‘real taste’ of Argentina, sample the wine in Mendoza and eat chocolate in Bariloche. Of course, Don’t leave without a whale watching tour in Puerto Madryn and discovering the Antarctic Peninsula.

From Patagonia to Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls is one of the most breathtaking places in the world you will ever come across. Iguazu means ‘Great River’ in the indigenous Guarani language and there could hardly be a more fitting name.  The falls share the border of Brazil and Argentina.

After rising in the Brazilian highlands near Curitiba, the Iguazu river runs westward on a 1100km journey. It receives some 30 tributaries on its course to the plateau where, just before merging with the great Paraná river. The merge then plunges thunderously over an 80m high cliff in virgin forest.

Nested in the Iguazu National Park, the falls share a region of large rivers and humid tropical landscapes of red soil and bright green jungle. The park is full of giant, ancient trees, and a large amount of endemic flora and fauna. Iguazu Falls have 275 falls cascade over a precipice that is 3km wide, creating an endless wall of spray laced with rainbows.


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