The team here at Travel Just 4U are Antarctica, Central & South America destination experts. We have in-depth knowledge on the best locations from Mexico to Antarctica as well as all the amazing countries in between. Holiday options vary from island hopping in the Galapagos, trekking to one of the worlds highest waterfalls – Gocta Falls, to road tripping through Cuba with a private guide.

Latin America is our focus and specialty, but we also craft unique journeys all around the globe. Contact us if you are interested in any destinations not listed below.

South America


Adventures, colours, cultures and flavours abound in Peru. The ancient civilisations of the Moche, Nazca, Chachapoya and Inca peoples live on today through the incredibly diverse modern cultural landscape of Peru. The country is made up of… Read more


As one of the least-known corners of South America, Guyana is a truly off the beaten track destinantion. It also boasts both a rich culture and a pristine environment. It’s almost the size of Victoria but with less than a 750,000 population… Read more


Argentina (officially the Argentine Republic) is the eighth-largest country in the world. The highest and the lowest points of South America are also located in Argentina: At 6,960m, Cerro Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Americas w… Read more


With its colourful crafts and friendly people, your trip to Bolivia will unexpectedly capture your heart. Visit the overwhelming Salt Lakes, Salt Flats and the less touristy Amazon. Descend the working Potosi Mines for a genuine Bolivia tra… Read more


Experience friendly and exotic Brazilians as well as music, dance, nature, beaches, football and festivals. This fascinating country offers the world famous Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and of course the i… Read more


Chile offers stunning landscapes from the Atacama desert in the north, the towering Andes running the length of the country down to the granite peaks in Torres del Paine National Park. This varied landscape offers a many adventure activitie… Read more


Colombia is the next biggest tourist destination, so now is the time to visit this captivating country to experience the rich colonial culture and natural beauty. Colombia is now a safe place to visit and one of those unique countries where… Read more


Ecuador offers a wide range of experiences beyond the world famous Galapagos Islands. This country allows you to explore  natural wonders of the Amazon, volcanoes and hot springs at Papallacta and colonial cities such as Quito and Cuenca ju… Read more

Central America

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular destinations for Eco-tourists because of its biodiversity. It possesses the greatest density of species in the world, and around 25% of its national territory is protected by a system of conserv… Read more


Guatemala has a rich and distinctive culture from the long mix of elements from Spain and the native Maya people. This diverse history and the natural beauty of the land have created a destination rich in interesting and scenic sites. Lake … Read more


Panama is known as the “Crossroads of the Americas” due to its privileged position between North and South America. The indigenous meaning of the country’s name, “abundance of fish”, reflects the country’s reputation as a paradise for water… Read more


Mexico is one of the most popular tourist countries on the planet. Much of the tourist industry revolves around the beach resorts as well as the altiplano in the central part of the country. Visiting the northern interior allows visitors to… Read more


Officially know as Republic of Cuba, this country is a living museum with unique cities declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Varadero perhaps is the place that attracting more tourism in the Island due to their All-Inclusive Hotels infr… Read more



Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole, is a virtually uninhabited, ice-covered landmass. Most cruises to the continent visit the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches toward South America. It’s known for the Lemai… Read more