Mexico is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. With a wide range of options, Mexico offers its visitors natural beauty, colorful villages and colonial cities, some of which are World Heritage sites. Tourists can enjoy the white beaches and the crystal clear blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean, where you can dive in the world’s second largest coral reef barrier, or admire one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Chichen Itza, Center of the Mayan culture, Get lost in the ancient Maya sites and wonder at its sculpted mythological themes. Seeing the North of the country by train and the magnificence of the Copper Canyon is another wonderful experience. Discover the wonders of the sea of Cortes, witness the migration of the gray whale, among many other things. And why not? Enjoy a very good tequila to the sound of Jalisco´s  & “Mariachi” music.

Mexico Experiences