Officially know as Republic of Cuba, is an island country in the heart of the Caribbean (the largest in the Antilles). The caribbean nation comprises the main island, the Isla de la Juventud (Youth Island), and several archipelagos. Its capital Havana, is the largest city in the island followed by Santiago de Cuba.
The island as a whole is a combination of singular emotions: light and colour, joyfulness and warmth. Whether exploring its city streets or soaking up the beauty of its beaches, travellers will have memories to treasure. Here, you’ll have much more than a Caribbean vacation.

Music with soul

Cuba is the sound of a guitar, the sound of latin drums; It’s white, black, urban, country and sea. It is beaches with turquoise-blue water; cities infused with the air of a long gone era; rich, multi-coloured, vital nature.

Beaches that are unique in rich tones and their clear warm water are not hard to find across Cuba. The Cuban coast has everything to offer you, from challenging cliffs to peaceful coves, perfect for amazing Caribbean sun and sea vacations.

Vintage and Fun

Cubans are specialist in Vintage car restoration and you definitetly will have the chance to ride a vintage automobile.

The ride itself ensures lots of fun!

Suggested trips in Cuba