San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

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Ecuador, Peru & Chile Trip 2019

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South America October/November 2019

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San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

Travel Just 4U’s travel consultant Soraya, travelled to South America to spend time in the breathtaking San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. Upon arrival, the sight of the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains was without a doubt one of the most breathtaking panoramic views I have seen. It simply took my breath away. With […]


Do I need to learn Spanish to visit South America?

Lost in Translation? In planning your trip to South America, the question will arise whether or not to learn Spanish before you go. A trip to South America is a cultural explosion and it’s even better if you speak Spanish (or Portuguese, if you are heading to Brazil). Knowing the host language goes a long […]


The Death Road in Bolivia – Bus or Bike?

The Death Road Looking for a bit of adventure on your trip to Bolivia? Bolivia’s North Yungas Road aptly named The Death Road is a 64km road leading from Bolivia’s capital, La Paz to Coroico (Amazon region) and ranks number 1 in the Top 10 Worlds Most Dangerous Roads. While the death rate is not […]


Pele visits Melbourne!

Pele visits Melbourne Last night I didn’t have to travel to Brazil to meet one of my all-time inspirational people. PELE travelled to Melbourne, Australia! Born on October 23, 1940, in Três Corações, Brazil, soccer legend Pelé is a football (soccer) superstar. Pelé played professionally in Brazil for two decades, winning three World Cups launching […]


Escape the hustle and bustle on Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca Situated in South America on the border of Peru and Bolivia, there are few places in the world to travel to that can compare to Lake Titicaca. The lake itself is the highest navigable in the world, the largest in South America and home to over 50 man-made sacred reed islands. Lake Titicaca […]


5 Reasons to visit the Galapagos Islands now

Galapagos Islands I recently visited one of my bucket list locations, the Galapagos Islands at the ripe age of 41. Sailing around the volcanic and enchanting islands in Ecuador, seeing some of the most enigmatic and extraordinary creatures. It has always been on my list but I thought I’d do it when I’m older. In […]


How do I get to Antarctica?

How do I get to Antarctica? Is visiting Antarctica on your bucket list but you’re not sure how to get there? It’s true, Antarctica is not an easy place to travel to, few people have travelled there compared to other destinations in the world but increasing numbers of travellers are making the journey as access […]


Is Colombia Safe to travel to? You’d be Surprised!

It’s Safe to travel to Colombia For most of us, it doesn’t rank on the Top 10 places visit. Thanks to years of Hollywood movies about drugs and violence many people consider Colombia to be a completely off-the-radar destination. Behind the whispers of theft, kidnapping and even murder, there is an element of truth. Colombia […]